Engagement in the field of customs involve major responsibilities and global effects. You are responsible to serve not only your and your customer’s interests but also interests of your country and world with each operation. Raising, maintaining and developing such conscious may only be a product of an internalized culture. Internalization is only possible by displaying decisive, continuous and uncompromising ethical behaviors.

Due to such conscious, Keskin Güngör Customs Consultancy Company (KG) has operated with the principle of fair, transparent behavior in accordance with the laws under all conditions, becoming reliable and trusting, respecting living right of all kinds of creature and making effort to make them living, respect to the universal rights, non-discrimination and equality as from the first day of its foundation up to the present time, continued its activities within the framework of these principles and has adopted it as a mission to carry these important values and culture to the future.

Call this culture as Ethics or Struggle of Honor or Corporate Culture, irrespective of its name, the reality is that Keskin Güngör Customs Consultancy Company (KG) considers this culture as the only way to survive. It is a major fallacy and bluff to believe companies without ethics and universal rights to maintain their activities for long years.

The expression of “Merciful Company” arose in the questionnaire activity performed by a professional Communication Consultancy firm regarding how Keskin Güngör Family internalized “KG Ethical Culture”. We are very happy and proud to see that it is based on “Conscience”. We are happy because “Conscience” is the most important source feeding ethics. If there is not conscience, there may not be ethics. We are proud because “mercy” is the voice of conscience. It is no doubt that existence of this voice at our company and its expression by everybody shall be the guide of our mission for sustainability of our ethical corporate culture and carrying it to the future.

We hereby declare to the public opinion that we have adopted the United Nations Global Compact and “Employee Rights Declarations” of the International Labor Organization (ILO) as required by the responsibility arising from business with global companies and our corporate culture.

We acknowledge the members of Keskin Güngör Family with our honor and proud due their awareness of their responsibilities, internalization of each principle of our corporate culture.

Our ethical value of “being reliable and honest” is primarily based on protecting commercial reputation, interests and legal rights of business owners and attention paid to confidentiality of trade information.

We never compete with our colleagues unfairly and never permit occurrence of such events as required by our ethical values of “being fair and transparent”.

Opinions, suggestions and critics of our customers, stakeholders, third persons, colleagues and entities that we cooperate are important for us to develop, implement and sustain our Ethical Values of Being Fair, Transparent, Reliable and Honest, Respect to Human and Living Right, Leadership, Cooperation. We have formed Keskin Güngör Ethics Board to listen to you better and record your guide. Our Ethics Board is composed of 3 persons including company partner, financing department director and process management director. We acknowledge everybody to contribute very much in advance.

Kind Regards…

Keskin Güngör Customs Consultancy Company Board of Directors