We comply with and work within the framework of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Turkey in particular and all international agreements and regulations to which the Republic of Turkey is a party and international law due to our global responsibilities under each condition.

We also protect interests of the public authorities and institutions being our stakeholder with the same care and diligence while we protect interests of our customers in accordance with the laws as required by being fair, reliable, honest and transparent.

We involve our employees in a holy value like “Family”. Our employees are the members of Keskin Güngör Family. We behave to everybody in Keskin Güngör Family in the same manner as how a family protect, trust, care, respect each member and does not make a discrimination and we never permit conflicts of interest which may prevent them from experiencing the sense of family. We provide trainings to ensure them to develop themselves in professional terms and we contribute and support for their personal developments. We do not make unregistered employment.

Transparency, reliability and honesty is our essential and uncompromising values in our business processes and relations with customers, stakeholders, colleagues and third parties.

We do not compete with our colleagues unfairly and we respect fair competition within the framework of the Customs Broker Minimum Wage.

We do not cause corruption and we struggle against corruption when we make our business. We perform our customs operations in a transparent, reliable and honest manner.

We efficiently use resources of our country and the world as required by our value of “Respect to Human and Living Right” and use our professional knowledge, skills and talents with the awareness of our responsibilities to the environment, nature and other living creatures.

We give importance to information security, we do not share and do not permits others to share private, commercial information of our employees, customers, stakeholders and third parties.

We also act in a reliable, fair, honest and transparent manner in recruitment, promotion-transfer-rotation, remuneration, reward, social benefits of our employees and all other similar practices. We do not make discrimination due to language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical obstacle and similar reasons and we never permit occurrence of such conflicts. We respect to personal fields, private and family life of employees.

We work by involving our employees, customers, stakeholders, third parties, colleagues in our Fair, Transparent, Reliable and Honest, Respect to Human and Living Rights, Leadership, Cooperation and Ethics understanding and develop structures to ensure it to be more widespread and constitute a model.