Our Information Security Policy;

As KESKIN GUNGOR GUMRUK MUSAVIRLIK LTD. STI., in order to ensure the continuous development of our information security system and to manage all kinds of risks for our business continuity and information assets, we kindly submit for the information of the public opinion and commit that;

  • We document, continuously improve and certify our Information Security System in line with the ISO 27001 standard,
  • We determine and assess the risks regarding the confidentiality, integrity and access of the information together with our confidentiality and security policies,
  • We apply the necessary controls for all assets which are above the acceptable level,
  • We measure the performance of the information security processes and generate targets from this data,
  • We comply with all legal legislations and contracts in relation to the information security,
  • We minimize our weaknesses and the threats with the infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and training investments,
  • We meet the security terms required by our business, our customers and the requirements,
  • We work in order to become a model institution in terms of information security in the field of Customs Consultancy Services by managing ISO 27001 BGYS as integrated with the other management systems that we apply and we will work in this way.

The policies are reviewed at the management review meetings and revised in line with the targets established.

While the policies are determined in the Information Security, it is also mentioned that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility will be also taken as basis when processing, transmitting and maintaining the information and the risk management approach is also emphasized.


PL.03 / 05.06.2017